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A Guide to Best Cafes in Malang

Jumat, 21 Januari 2022 - 05:05
A Guide to Best Cafes in Malang Esto Coffee. (PHOTO: Documentation of TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES JAKARTA, MALANGMalang is a regency in East Java that has been the local people’s favourite destination, even foreigners. Malang is famous for its amazing tourism, especially its various choice of hangout places that keeps growing in number. 

With its beautiful nature and pleasantly cool weather, Malang has many perfect hangout places for those who want to spend their leisure time, work, or hold a meeting with their colleagues. 

These are the top lists of best hangout places in Malang. 

1. Campfire Outdoor Cuisine

Campfire Outdoor Cuisine is an outdoor cafe that you should visit when you are in Malang. There are campfire tables with comfortable seatings around them. 

This cafe serves grilled foods, such as roasted corn, chicken, sausages, beef and many more. This cafe is open in the evening until 12 AM. 

2. Daun Coklat Cafe

Daun Coklat Cafe is the perfect outdoor space for you to visit during the day. You can spend your leisure time in this cozy place while enjoying the mountainous view. 

Daun Coklat Cafe is located in Pendesari Village, Pujon sub-district in Batu. This place offers comfortable space and serves various scrumptious dishes with relatively affordable prices. 

3. Esto Coffee

Esto Coffee, a vintage cafe in Malang, is strategically located in Kuwolu, Bululawang sub-district. It is open every day, from 8 AM to 11 PM.

This cafe serves a wide variety of delicious dishes with relatively expensive prices. But don’t worry because the foods are always worth spending extra money on. 

4. Kopeen Ijen A dan Kopi Kenangan Ijen

Kopeen Ijen A and Kopi Kenangan Ijen are the best coffee shops located in Jalan Besar Ijen 90, Malang. It is open every day, except on Tuesday, starting from 10 AM to 11 PM. 

This coffee shop is Instagram-worthy with its industrial concept and cool photo spots. This coffee shop also serves snacks, such as french fries, ice cream, chicken curry, and beverages, such as tea, frappe, juice, milkshake and coffee (classic, latte, traditional or single origin) with the price that ranges from IDR 6,000 to IDR 17,000.

Those are the top lists of best cafes in Malang that you have to add to your bucket list while you are in Malang. (*)

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